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Future Defining


Redefining what’s possible.

With an eye on the future and truly thinking outside the box,
our team look at materials, methods of manufacture,
and the latest trends to offer cutting edge design that,
not only defines the world of frames and upholstery
but stands the test of time.

Our Values

We Can

We are brave, bold and welcome a challenge; pushing the limits of what’s possible. Together we have created a collaborative culture where every member of the team is actively encouraged to share ideas – no matter how pie in the sky they might seem.

Our Makers


Head Of Frames

“Innovation is important; we’re always looking at ways to improve, even the smallest things. In the heartland for British furniture manufacture, a place with a rich history of traditional skill, we combine long tried and tested methods with the latest technology to build furniture that lasts.”

Our Makers



“Within upholstery you need experience. I’ve been in this trade since the age of 16 but here at Conker we’re different. Always innovating and doing things I’ve never tried before. We all add our little piece of experience to get the best result. That’s what we’re trying to achieve – the best.”


As well as highly skilled hands on craftsmanship, our investment in technology enhances our ability to get products to market in a timely manner while ensuring every piece is intricately pieced together.

Our CAD software, CNC machines and Lectra software enable superior precision in our manufacturing and upholstery cutting processes.

Leaders In Innovation.

  • We source components locally where possible.
  • We only use certified timbers that are ethically sourced.
  • We fuel our workshops with off cuts, minimising landfill and use of fossil fuel.
  • We are always striving to be more efficient.



Come build with us.

Our approach has and always will be collaborative.
We choose our clients based on shared values,
building our partnerships on strong principled foundations
allowing the relationship to be truly open and honest.

This approach stretches right across the business;
harnessing the skillset of our experts to meet changing
needs, sharing ideas with our clients to challenge the brief
and move forward with a shared purpose, delivering exceptional results.

Our Values

We Own It

We are the ultimate safe pair of hands
and we take our responsibilities very seriously.

We listen, take ownership, and see
each job through to fruition.

Our Makers


Woodmill Supervisor

“Conker is like a family; we are all valued for our experience. A lot of people here have been in the trade a long time but we don’t stay still, we try out new ideas and take on a new challenge. I always want to better myself, develop my skills and learn.”

How we work.

Our clients choose to work with us because we do things differently. They know that they will receive the highest quality craftsmanship but also an added value you cannot put a price on.

It’s down to the Conker team’s unique ability to reimagine what’s possible and adding value into every design stage.

So, whether its deconstructing an existing piece of furniture in order to elevate performance or delivering cost savings through more efficient and sustainable working practises – we are constantly striving to exceed our client’s expectations.

Our Values

We work Together

We have each other’s backs.
We are built on a collaborative culture
where ideas and new ways of thinking
are actively encouraged; as a team,
and with our clients. We’re in this together.



100% Handcrafted British Furniture.

From the heartland of British furniture, Long Eaton,
we produce high quality, bespoke frames and upholstery.

Where a piece can be more effective or more ethical,
we redesign, source locally and innovate;
continually striving to exceed expectations.

Elevating the everyday combined with the
highest quality craftsmanship,
we add value add every stage of the process,
producing first-class furniture.

Our Values

We are Proud

We take the utmost pride in our work
and are fuelled by the hard work and dedication
to deliver the highest standards.

Every time we enter the workshop
we bring our skills and a customer centred mentality.
We will not settle for anything less than excellence.

Our Makers



“I always wanted to get into sewing upholstery when I was at University. At Conker everyone takes a lot of time and effort, and the experience around me is really inspiring. We don’t rush things through, I like taking my time to enjoy sewing each piece.”

Building a more sustainable future.

We continuously strive to minimise our environmental impact; it is something we’re deeply committed to.

Using only A-grade certified timbers that are sustainably sourced, and use off cuts to fuel our workshop, we not only minimise our environmental impact but ensure the best materials are used to manufacture superior quality frames that last for years to come.

Our Makers


Quality Control

“At Conker I learn new things every day, and that gets me excited to come to work. I take pride in my job. Of the 200 pieces that go out each week, not one gets by me without being checked. If it’s not something I would have in my own house, I’d get them to change it.”

Our Values

We are Grafters

We care deeply about our craft,
always pushing boundaries and going the extra mile.

We test the limits of what’s possible
through grit and determination.

We each share an attention to detail
you won’t find anywhere else.

Home is where
the heart is.

We are incredibly proud of our strong design,
manufacturing and upholstery heritage.

By manufacturing in-house we maintain
strict control over every stage of production.

Our team of craftsmen and women
represents over 1000 year’s experience.
We are 100% committed to our craft,
here in the heartland of upholstery manufacturing.


Our Makers


Commercial Director

“The key to Conker’s success is the quality of staff. We look for people that are proud of the work that they do; our team really does care about the end product.”

Our Makers


Managing Director

“The skillset at Conker is incredible – everything we do is based on the quality of our staff – our experience allows us to innovate – it just so happens that we make furniture.”

We are trusted by

Great Brands